Richmond Fellowship Nepal provides Day Care Support after the completion of the Residential Support received from Richmond. Day Care Support refers to the support provided to individuals who are unable to commit to stay in Residential stay. But for the Day Care Support, the client should be eligible for the Day Care Support which will be determined by the staff of the organization.

Moreover, the day care program offered at our drugs and alcohol treatment center:

  1. Flexible Treatment Schedule: Based upon the feasible time period, the individual will be supported with Day Care Support. The time period will be fixed upon the discussion of the individual and the staff of the organization.
  2. Structured Daily Activities: Based upon the requirement of the activities by the individual determined with the assessment done by the staffs.
  3. Continued Support: Continuous support will be provided like counseling, can interact with peer, integrate with daily activities like attending office/ college/ school and other required activities based upon the mutual understandings.

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