To create a society with empowerment of individuals affected by alcohol and substance addiction by providing compassionate, evidence-based treatment and support services, fostering their journey towards recovery, healing and successful re-integration into society.



Our vision is a society where every individual affected by alcohol and substance addiction receives the support they need to overcome their challenges for recovery lives and lead thrive as valued members of society.



  • To provide quality & innovative care and treatment to those who are struggling with drug or alcohol.
  • To provide necessary Mental Health Services in respond to the spouse, children family and other support systems.
  • To help deprive and poor family and children though education and gender support program.
  • To promote technical cooperation and transfer of methodology to enhance the technical capacity of Governmental and Non-Governmental bodies on establishing strong
    networking relation.
  • Advocacy for policy change, stigma and discrimination to access basic services for beneficiaries.

Working With