April 9, 2024

RPP Protest Turns Violent: 14 Injured, 2 Detained

During a demonstration led by the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), tensions escalated into clashes with the police, resulting in 14 RPP members sustaining injuries and two individuals being taken into police custody. AIG of Kathmandu Valley Police Office, Deepak Thapa, confirmed the injuries and arrests, attributing them to the clash between the protesters and law enforcement. The confrontation ensued when protesters attempted to breach restricted areas and pelted stones, prompting police intervention with water cannons followed by baton charges. The RPP’s demands for the reinstatement of monarchy, abolishment of secularism, and declaration of Nepal as a Hindu nation fueled the demonstration, spearheaded by party president Rajendra Lingden. Heightened security measures have been implemented in the area to maintain order.


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